Exquisite Alien Consequences

Aug 12th, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 3 min read
Did you ever play Picture Consequences as a child? You know, the game where you'd draw the head of an alien, fold the piece of paper over and hand it on to the next person who'd draw the body, fold it over and hand it to the third person who would draw the feet? If you did, CONGRATULATIONS you had one amazing childhood! If you didn’t,...

Guest Post: Submissiphobia

Aug 8th, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 7 min read
I have met a lot of unpublished writers (in fact, I’m one of them) and each one dreams of seeing their book on the shelves of a bookstore. But there’s the problem: it’s not going to happen if all you’re doing is writing stories and dreaming. So many of the writers I encounter in my critique group, or even in conferences, have never submitted anything for...
2016-07-21 17.43.40

Scheduling Your Week [+FreeDownload!]

Aug 1st, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 6 min read
Knowing that 2016 was going to be a chaotic year for me, I decided to create my very own weekly schedule to help me stay on top of everything. A lot of people asked me about this so I thought I’d explain my process and even give you all a free copy of the schedule which you can download here. My goals for this week...
2016-07-05 17.17.30

Monthly Update: July

Jul 30th, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 2 min read
Despite my non-stop belated birthday celebrations during the first week and the London heat wave that made it far too hot for my brain to function, July’s been a surprisingly productive (and somewhat emotional) month. Not only have I officially said goodbye to my film review site, Interlude: Unscripted, but, following our very last official meeting, I’ve announced the hiatus of Brett Bear Books. A...