The Devil’s Day

Jul 4th, 2016 Screenwriting 1 min read
Revolving around the idea of God making a difficult decision for the greater good, acted upon by the Archangels and opposed by Lucifer, The Devil's Day is the first collaboration between Gurpreet and AC, Matthew Fox. More information on this screenplay as it progresses.
The Silence book cover by Sarah Rayne

The Silence

Jul 4th, 2016 Screenwriting 1 min read
Right from the outset, The Silence had Gurpreet sitting on the edge of her seat. Everything had her completely engrossed, from the storylines to the characters, to the structure and the way it was written. Before long she started dreaming about it, living it and breathing it until she imagined what it would look like as a feature length movie. In 2014, Gurpreet contacted the author, Sarah Rayne,...
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The Adventures of Ryuu

Jul 4th, 2016 Screenwriting 1 min read
9 year old twins, Julian and Arya, are devastated when their elder brother, Tori, leaves for college. But before he leaves, Tori gives them a toy dragon, Ryuu, warning them to listen to everything Ryuu says no matter what. Although confused, Julian and Arya agree and soon they find themselves being whisked away on magical adventures others could only dream of. Written for, and making...
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The Daughters

Jul 4th, 2016 Screenwriting 1 min read
Inspired by a true story, The Daughters follows Maya, the mother of 11 year old Rene and 6 year old Anastacia. When she begins to have recurring dreams of a fatal car accident, Maya is thrown into a life of paranoia and at the the centre of it all are her daughters. But are her daughters really evil? Are they demons? or angels? Are they reincarnations from...