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Monthly Update: August

Aug 31st, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 4 min read
A massive curve ball was thrown at me at the start of this month. It was one of those situations where you think it’s time you should just pack it all in and get what the unsupportive people in your life would call a ‘real job’. I’m really proud to say that I managed to make myself realise that I’m following my dreams and, although...

Guest Post: So Many Words, So Little Time

Aug 24th, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 5 min read
I love to set myself a challenge. Only the other day I decided I wanted to go back to looking like the supermodel I used to be and, realising that would mean dropping twelve pounds and welcoming back my thigh gaps, I started a new keep fit and healthy eating regime. Well okay, I never did look like a supermodel but I am twelve pounds...
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Interviewing A Writer: Karly Edwards

Aug 15th, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 6 min read
Anyone who says social media is a disease inflicted upon our techno-savvy generations obviously haven’t been using it right. I discovered a brilliant debut author via Twitter a while back and now I just can’t get enough of her or Part I of her brilliant novella, The Stalker. It’s my honour to introduce Karly Edwards to Caffeine Addled Ramblings: ∞ ∞ ∞ This is your first novella...

Exquisite Alien Consequences

Aug 12th, 2016 Caffeine Addled Ramblings 3 min read
Did you ever play Picture Consequences as a child? You know, the game where you'd draw the head of an alien, fold the piece of paper over and hand it on to the next person who'd draw the body, fold it over and hand it to the third person who would draw the feet? If you did, CONGRATULATIONS you had one amazing childhood! If you didn’t,...